The words haunt my teaching.

Year 1

I write my mentor teacher’s learning objective on the board for the 500th time. I make sure to use the “common language”.

I carefully calculate first period’s mastery, second period’s mastery, third. We’ll shout out the highest performing. Rewards and recognition. Data culture. Purpose. Performance. Mastery. …

It’s late, but quiet in my living room.

11:30pm: Living Room

The holidays were loud.

It’s late, but quiet in my living room.

8:15am: Meeting

“How was your break?”

I ate Totino’s while building a $148,000 expert-level park in Roller Coaster Tycoon. My dopamine spiked. I took several baths. I didn’t have it in me to dry my hair this morning. …

Also, everyone has chilled out.

I think back on the confidence I walked away with as I finished a professional development session, my first year in the classroom, where we learned specific classroom management strategies and (get ready) role played them. I can’t help but grin with pity. I’d mastered waiting for 100%, attention getters…

What the hell am I teaching?

10th Grade High Frequency Standard #1: Tone & Mood

My pencil waits under the document camera. Students stare at the abundant list of tone words. I should get these laminated.

“Is Jackson’s tone positive, negative, or neutral in the middle of the story?”


Well, the suspense may give us a negative feeling, but is the diction she chooses…

Since it precedes everything else.

Teachers have their work cut out for them. In today’s education world, this is especially true as the workload only gets heavier, more detailed, and increasingly tracked. Teacher retention is harder than ever to maintain, and it’s fair to say that even the most passionate educators are nearing their wit’s…

Amber Nunnery

I write about education and society. Both are questionable. Find me at

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